Ulrich von Altenstadt

Managing Director

Ulrich von Altenstadt is a managing director at XAIA Investment GmbH. He studied Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Augsburg, and earned his MBA at the University of Chicago. Before becoming a partner at XAIA, he worked for the UniCredit Group from 1990 to 2009 in several senior positions with a focus on Fixed Income and Credit.

Tel.:+49 89 589275-121

Dr. Jochen Felsenheimer

Managing Director

Dr. Jochen Felsenheimer is a managing director at XAIA Investment GmbH. Prior to co-founding XAIA in 2009, and previously served as the head of global Credit Strategy Research at UniCredit Group. He holds a PhD in Macroeconomics, and is the author of several published books and research articles focusing on credit derivatives, as well as credit markets and topics concerning Macroeconomics.

Tel.:+49 89 589275-120

Nadja Ferger

Portfolio Management

Nadja Ferger works in portfolio management at XAIA Investment. She earned a degree in Mathematics and Economics at the University of Ulm and gained her first professional experience while completing internships focused on credit and credit research with XAIA Investment and Lucror Analytics in Singapore.

Tel.:+49 89 589275-141

Tobias Glas

Portfolio Management

Tobias Glas works in portfolio management at XAIA Investment while completing a PhD in Finance at the University of Bremen. Prior to joining XAIA he worked in portfolio management at Union Investment in Frankfurt, where he also studied Finance with focus on capital markets at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. Furthermore, he is a CAIA charterholder.

Tel.:+49 89 589275-129

Philipp Graxenberger

Portfolio Management

Philipp Graxenberger works in portfolio management at XAIA Investment. Prior to joining XAIA, he worked as Portfolio Manager at Assenagon. He studied Quantitative Finance & Risk Management at the Bocconi University in Milan. During his studies he gained experience in the capital markets businesses of Credit Suisse and BNP Paribas.

Tel.:+49 89 589275-122

Oliver Grimm

Freelance // Operations

Oliver Grimm is responsible for the organization of XAIA’s IT-Infrastructure and processes. Before joining XAIA he worked at Bayerische Hypovereinsbank AG as Director of Equity-Derivatives-Flow-Trading and built then as Area-COO a dedicated Business-IT-Department of 135 specialists for the whole business division of Structured Products. Following this, he was COO and partner since inception of Assenagon. He graduated at Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn in political economics.

Tel.: +49 89 589275-134

Ralf Herzog

Portfolio Management

Ralf Herzog works in portfolio management at XAIA Investment. Prior to joining XAIA, he worked for more than 15 years in the Middle Office and the Collateral Management Department at  MEAG MUNICH ERGO AssetManagement GmbH. During this time he completed his studies at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in Frankfurt.

Tel.: +49 89 589275-125

Frank Hoffmann

Portfolio Management

Frank Hoffmann works in portfolio management at XAIA Investment. Prior to joining XAIA, he worked for several years in the Collateral Management Department and the Middle Office at  MEAG MUNICH ERGO AssetManagement GmbH. During this time he completed his studies at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in Frankfurt.

Tel.: +49 89 589275-128

Dr. Amelie Hüttner

Portfolio Management

Amelie Hüttner works in portfolio management at XAIA Investment. She obtained a PhD in Mathematics from Technical University of Munich, focusing on the simulation and modeling of realistic correlation matrices for financial applications. Previously she studied Mathematical Finance and Actuarial Science at Technical University of Munich and Université du Québec in Montreal and gained first professional experiences at XAIA Investment and at Bayern LB's Investment Research department.

Tel.: +49 89 589275-144

Dr. Wolfgang Klopfer

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Wolfgang Klopfer is the Chief Executive Officer of XAIA Investment GmbH. After studying Mathematics, Physics, and Information Sciences at the Technical University of Munich, he earned his PhD in Mathematics. Prior to co-founding XAIA he worked for eleven years for the UniCredit Group holding various senior trading positions - lastly as divisional head of Proprietary Trading.

Tel.:+49 89 589275-130

Dr. Jan-Frederik Mai

Portfolio Management

Dr. Jan-Frederik Mai is responsible for mathematical modeling at XAIA and supports the portfolio management with quantitative analyses. He studied Mathematics at the universities of Ulm and Syracuse (USA) and holds a PhD in Mathematics from the Technische Universität München. He is author of several research articles concerning the stochastic modeling of dependence, in particular with a focus towards applications to credit portfolios.

Tel.:+49 89 589275-131

Nicole Maier

Finance & Regulatory

Nicole Maier works in XAIA’s Finance & Regulatory department. She studied tax and auditing at The Dual System of Higher Education of Baden-Württemberg in Villingen-Schwenningen. She gained her first working experience in several tax and controlling offices. Following this she employed her skills and competencies as a team manager in the tax, controlling, and compliance department of a services company.

Tel.: +49 89 589275-140

Pavel Miska

Freelance // IT Consulting

Pavel Miska works as a freelance IT consultant for internal software development and is responsible for the portfolio and risk management system Misys Sophis Value. After studying computer science and electronic engineering he became a specialist at developing IT environments dedicated to financial markets and asset management.

Tel.:+49 89 589275-133

Ristiani Ohl

Team assistant

Ristiani Ohl works as a team assistant at XAIA Investment. She is an IHK-certified business manager for office management and has already accumulated extensive experience in the financial sector at the ING Group and at Manulife.  

Tel.:+49 89 589275-124

Christofer Vogt

Portfolio Management

Christofer Vogt is a portfolio manager at XAIA Investment. He earned his degree in Finance & Information Management at Technische Universität München/University of Augsburg, as well as studying at the University of Toronto. He gained his first professional experiences with Allianz Global Investors and Plückthun Asset Management.

Tel.:+49 89 589275-123

Ekkehard Weiler

Freelance // Operations

Ekkehard Weiler is member of the IT- and Operations team at XAIA. He gained extensive and long-term experience as Division and Area Manager of private and international investment banks in the area of Banking Operations, Markets and Information Technology.

Tel.:+49 89 589275-133